What is Cropcorn?

Cropcorn is an online platform where local producers and small businesses can advertise their products and events. Users of Cropcorn can easily find nearby companies, products and events based on for example, keywords, opening hours or location.

Is there a charge for using Cropcorn?

Browsing Cropcorn and creating user profiles is always free. Creating a company profile and advertising products and events is free on the pilot phase. In the future, there will be a small monthly fee for companies to advertise at Cropcorn, which will allow us to cover the costs of providing the service. Companies will be notified separately when the service becomes chargeable, and companies may choose to discontinue using Cropcorn at any time. At the pilot-phase the companies will be asked for feedback on the appropriate monthly fee and the features they want for the application. Let's build an application together that will make visible the local food and local service companies.

What are the benefits of creating a Cropcorn user account?

Users can browse companies, products and events in Cropcorn without creating an account. However, it's a good idea to create a user account if you want to save businesses, products, or events so you can be notified of any changes to them. Also, writing company reviews is only possible with a registered user account. Companies need to create an account to be able to report products and events.

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