Terms of Use

Cropcorn.app is an online platform maintained by Cropcorn for the marketing of local businesses, local products and local events. Cropcorn maintains the cropcorn.app website and markets the companies on the platform, as well as the products and events they advertise, to the best of their ability, with the goal of bringing visibility and visitor flows to all companies on the platform.

The Cropcorn online platform enables the marketing of businesses, products and events. Those who register on the site are responsible for the content of their own advertisement, the correctness of the information they provide and the quality of the products and events. Cropcorn is not responsible for any information that may be incorrectly reported in the platform, the platform announcements or for the quality of products or events. Only companies, events, products and food stuffs that operate in accordance with Finnish law and have the necessary permits and insurance may be marketed on the Cropcorn platform. Cropcorn is not responsible for any defective products sold by companies that advertise in the platfrom.

Advertisers of the products and events declare that the information is correct and commit to amend the information as necessary and to keep the information up to date. The user commits to check the content of their advertisements to ensure that it is correct. Cropcorn reserves the right to remove advertisements that do not comply with good practice or violate Finnish law. Cropcorn also reserves the right to remove advertisements that do not comply with the theme of the Cropcorn platform (Local Food, Local Services and Local Events).

Cropcorn reserves the right to use the content in product and event announcements to market the Cropcorn platform, for the benefit of all parties.


Crocorn reserves the right to produce and provide the web platform, its content and features in the manner of its choice. Cropcorn reserves the right to add, change and remove items from the web platform at any time without notice. Cropcorn strives to maintain the platform to the best of its ability, but does not warrant uninterrupted, timely, and error-free operation and availability of the network platform.

Cropcorn will, where reasonably practicable, endeavor to inform participants of changes and outages on the online platform as it deems appropriate.

Cropcorn strives to ensure the security of the online platform. However, Cropcorn is not responsible for any damage caused by security vulnerabilities such as viruses. Users are responsible for protecting their own devices and systems.

Cropcorn shall not be liable for any damages incurred during the event or the purchase of the product. Cropcorn shall not be liable for, and shall in no event be liable for, any direct, indirect, consequential or indirect damages arising out of or in connection with the use of the Network Platform. Cropcorn shall not be liable for the actions of any third party, such as telephone or telecommunications operators, or for any damages or costs arising therefrom. Cropcorn is also not responsible for any errors, omissions or delays in the Website.

Force majeure

Cropcorn and the registered user of Cropcorn are released from their obligation to comply with the terms and conditions of use for the period and to the extent that non-compliance with the Terms of Use is due to force majeure.